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Should You Use Cesspool Additives?

If you own a cesspool, it is important to stay focused on caring for the system. If you maintain it, it could last a very long time. If you don’t, it could cost you a lot of money in repairs. However, one common question from owners is what type of maintenance needs to be done to keep the system in good working order.

In order to get rid of collected solids, the cesspool should be pumped about every three years. There is another option, however; you can put in cesspool additives every so often so that you can extend the time in between pumping. Also, if the cesspool is having issues or needs work, there are additives that can help to solve the problem.

Is the information you’ve been hearing right? Can cesspool additives help you extend the life of your system, or are you just wasting money when you use them?

There are experts that are not in favor of putting in additives; they say that they can cause problems for the system. Others simply believe that while they don’t hurt, they also don’t help the cesspool…