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Cesspool Pumping: Everything You Need To Know Before Having It Done

Let’s get started by taking a quick look at what cesspool systems are and how they work. Simply put, a cesspool system is a type of underground sewage treatment system that is used by houses where municipal sewer service access is not available. It is usually made up of four parts: the soil, the drain field, the cesspool and waste pipe coming from the house. Those parts all need to be in good working order, however the most important part is the tank itself.

The tank should be pumped out on a regular basis in order to keep it working correctly and to prevent clogs that may cause sewage to back up in the house along with foul odors being created. The main thing that contributes to cesspool clogs are very biodegradable things. That includes cooking oils and grease that are dumped down the drain along with non-toilet paper products, cotton balls, cigarette butts, tampons and sanitary napkins. These items will all degrade eventually but have a tendency to get stuck within the tank’s inner workings and create clogs that over time continue to get worse.

Another reason why you should have your cesspool pumped on a regular basis is to check to see if there is any damage that might comprise it being able to work efficiently. After it has been pumped out, a visual inspection can be done for cracks as well as other types of damage. If there is any damage that is detected it will need to be repaired so that future problems can be prevented.

The actual pumping process is fairly straightforward. There will be a large truck which is called a “Pump Truck” at times that comes out to your property. It will have large hoses, a suction pump and big tank. It will park in the general area of where your cesspool is. The operator will taken the manhole cover off of the tank. Then the suction hoses will be lowered into the tank and then turned on to suck up the accumulated waste into the truck’s holding tank.

A quality pumping services also will thoroughly inspect the cesspool after it has been pumped clean. The outlet ports, inlet, valves and tank will be inspected for damage like clogs and cracks. The ground surrounding the tank will also be inspected for any signs of leaks. If there are any problems they will inform the homeowner so they can be addressed to make sure the entire cesspool system operates correctly.

The first problem that a lot of homeowners encounter is knowing precisely where the cesspool is buried. That is especially true for those who bough a house with an existing system. If the system is buried and you are unsure of its location, then a cesspool pumping service will use a plumbing snake that has a radio emitter attached on the end. This snake is then fed through one of the home’s cleanouts and out to the tank. Then a radio receiver us used to located the end of the snake which will provide the tank’s location.

Another problem is when there is no cesspool cleanout pipe above the lid that covers the opening to the tank. The cost of the pumping service will be more if the pumping contractor need to dig down to locate the lid. That is the best time to get a cleanout pipe installed to avoid having this problem on pump outs in the future.

In terms of the cost for pumping out a cesspool out, the thing to keep in mind is that the easier is for a pump truck driver to locate and access the tank the less expensive it will be overall. It can be worth it to try to address those issues during the first time that your tank is pumped out since that will help to keep future costs down.

The most important thing you can do to keep your cesspool system well-maintained it to have cesspool pumping done on a regular basis. An overfull or clogged tank is the main cause of numerous cesspool system problems. These can be prevented by having the “Pump Truck” visit on a regular basis.